Company profile Petito Fedele

Fiera Packaging

The company Petito Fedele has been established for 35 years producing fine bespoke soft packaging specialising in velvet, organza, satin pouches for costume jewellery and jewellery. Petito Fedele can devise all sort of presentation pouches for leather goods, promotional items and cosmetics.

Soft packaging for courtesy hotel kits are also produced according to individuals requirements.

Many producers of pens and gift articles have also found the perfect solutions to their needs by using pouches which are designed and manufactured by Petito Fedele with innovative materials such as linen, organza, satin and velvet, fabrics which are much appreciated by European sophisticated clientele.

Upon request, Petito Fedele produces all sorts of soft packaging with the client's personalised logo in hot print. Bespoke pouches are produced according to the client's particular needs.

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