Fabric Bags & Cases Manufacturing, Packaging

Packaging Petito Fedele

We produce bags for jewelry, for jewelry, ornaments, pens, bags, shoes and cosmetics but also for promotional items, watches and kit hotel.

Our company also manufactures packaging textile wraps for leather goods, gift items and for silverware.

The materials used for packaging are velvet, satin, organza, linen.

Our company is also involved, the produzone for jewelry boxes, cosmetic boxes, perfume boxes, leather boxes, gift boxes for ties, scarves, we also produce folding cartons for the pharmaceutical, herbal products, gifts. We boxes for wine and oil, various bags, shopping bags. Among the many items we produce you will find the wire tags, price label, adhesive labels.

Make beautiful and attractive is not only a precious merit of those who have invented or created but also of who will provide suitable housing and designed specifically for its purpose.

And 'own imagination, originality and elegance suited to product will be presented to the bag make it the ideal setting for an unforgettable time.

The Company Petito Fedele, born from years of experience in the field of packaging for over 35 years. Inside skilled professionals working in the printing, graphics and all that is necessary to the process for the production and packaging of unique items and refined for precious objects that will contain.

Enhance your products with elegant details.